Movitae is an online enterprise that aims to support dance schools to improve movement training accessibility and outcomes. This interactive video learning platform allows teachers, parents and students to extend the physical training environment online in a way that keeps video content protected but allows for collaboration.


Movitae makes it simple to privately share video for teacher-to-student feedback. It assists with reviewing technique and conditioning exercises and is great for learning choreography and dance routines.

About Movitae: Movitae provides teachers, parents and students with the ability to take advantage of a cloud based environment, making information and learning accessible anywhere anytime and from your smart device. It aims to help assist parents to be involved in childrens’ learning and to help teachers support and extend motivated students. Movitae will provide students with a reflection of their movement life (‘vitae’) to keep as they grow and develop.

How it works: Movitae is a cloud based application with free iphone and android apps available for easy uploading of videos. You can log in to your child’s account from any smart device or PC. Students and teachers have private Timelines for diaries or practise plans. The Timeline can also be a video inbox for organisations a student is linked with. Items are shared within an organisation and items cannot be on-shared. Students and teachers can also create password protected ePortfolios of their own content for sharing outside Movitae with family or creating dance CVs. Organisations on Movitae include educational, vocational and local schools as well as dance companies, students can link to more than one school if needed. Movitae is created and supported in New Zealand, please visit for more information or email if you have any questions. Thank you!