Class Term Fee
Tippy Toes (25min) $90
Magical Movement & Beginning Ballet (1/2 hour) $120
RAD Pre Primary & Primary (3/4 hour) $140
RAD Grade 1 & 2 (1 hour) $155
RAD Grade’s 3 & 4 (2 x 1 hour classes/week) $260
RAD Intermediate Foundation & Intermediate (2x 1.25 hour classes/week) $280
Contemporary or Jazz (3/4 hour) $140
Contemporary or Jazz (1 hour) $155
Senior Open Class (1.25hrs) $165
Private lessons – WBS students please enquire

prices are GST inclusive


By attending classes at Wellington Ballet Studio you are accepting the following terms and conditions. Please take the time to familarise yourself with our studio policies.

From school age/Pre Primary ballet level upwards we recommend that parents & caregivers leave their children to enjoy their dancing time independently, as soon as they are comfortable with this. We have a parent observation week during the last week of the Term where parents are welcome to come and see the progress made.

Tippy Toes, Magical Movement and Beginning Ballet parents MUST be on the premises for the class duration and are welcome to observe classes. To make this work it is appreciated that noise is kept to a minimum. Please do not overly interact with students or the teacher during the class. WBS reserves the right to ask any parents or siblings that are disruptive to leave the dance space. Mobile phones and pagers should be switched to silent.

We are happy to discuss your child’s progress etc. As there are no scheduled breaks between classes, unless it is a quick question please contact the studio Director, Miss Hannah, OUTSIDE of teaching hours as per the timetable.
Your positive experience at WBS is our priority. If you have a concern please talk to your class teacher firstly and then to the studio Director so that any issue can be addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

WBS is a small business and in order to pay our overheads your prompt or in advance payment is appreciated.
Fees are due in full 2 weeks after the statement/invoice date which is generally sent out in the week before classes commence for the upcoming Term. A LATE PAYMENT FEE (LPF) of 10% or $20.00 (whichever is less) will be added to accounts that remain unpaid after the due date. If a split-payment plan has been arranged before the due date, the LPF will be waived.
By arrangement you may make not more than 2x 1/2 split fees payments. The first by the due date of statement and the second by week 6 of the current Term.
Students who’s fees remain unpaid may forfeit their place in the class.
Fees are on a per Term basis (save new students entering part way through a term) and are non refundable should a student leave for any reason part way through a Term.
Payment may be made by Internet Banking or by credit card through your parent portal.
Note that credit card payments incur an additional 3.4% PayPal conveyancing fee.
Should a debt accumulate any debt agency recovery fees will be added to the outstanding amount.
Two weeks advance notice shall be given for any increase in fees.
Fees are based on providing a minimum of 8x weeks of classes per Term. However this can be 9x or 10x weeks and there is no extra charge if this is the case, as we generally run alongside Primary School Terms.
Should WBS need to operate in an online capacity due to an increase in pandemic alert levels the Term fees will not be refunded (or reduced) if you choose not to participate in the online learning provided. Note that it is much harder work for teachers to operate online than conducting classes in person. If WBS decides not to provide online learning for a particular level only in this instance will the option of a proportional refund or credit be offered.

There is a once off registration fee of $20.00 per new student.
Inter-Term class enrolments within the year AUTOMATICALLY roll over, booking the same class place for the following term to give priority to our existing students. Parents MUST let the school know IN WRITING (via email) by the last Sunday of the current term if their child will not be returning or they wish to change to a different class time.
Parents will be charged a LATE CANCELLATION FEE of $20.00 to cover administration and the holding open of the class place, if cancelled after the last Sunday of the Term.
Students must re register over the summer break for Term 1 of the next years classes.
Classes with 4 or less students may be asked to merge with another class of an appropriate level or the Term fee increased to cover running costs.

On enrollment WBS reserves the right to place student’s in the class most appropriate to their age, ability and prior experience in dance.

WBS encourages students to enter for exams which are held towards the end of Term 3. The assessment dates and fees are advised closer to the time.
Assessments are always motivational and give students a sense of occasion, a performing opportunity, pride in their achievements and recognition for their hard work. WBS reserves the right to recommend which form of assessment is best suited to your child’s personality and current development in dance.

Ballet & Jazz students study their level’s syllabus progressively over Terms 1, 2 & 3 and are advised to commit to undertaking all 3 Terms to be eligible to enter for assessments. If a Parent/Caregiver/Teacher feels that a student should or is unable to participate not on this occasion, this should be discussed well before entries are due in.

All students entering for RAD ballet assessments MUST be available to attend the ‘Grades School’ (extra preparation classes) during the three weekends prior to the exams at the end of Term 3. Jazz students will likely have 2x extra classes prior to AJDANZ assessments or as otherwise advised.

Are available by invitation for dedicated WBS students to enhance their dance studies and to represent WBS in local ballet competitions. If this is a regular booked weekly lesson hall hire must be paid for even if the student does not attend. If the lesson cancelled with less than 1 hours notice than the full private lesson fee applies.

WBS reserves the right to video and photograph students for teaching purposes, within school newsletters and unnamed for promotional purposes. Permission will be sought if photographs are to be used in other advertising.

Each year during Term 4 WBS creates a full theatrical production involving all levels (except Tippy Toes). Costumes will be organised and their associated fees advised during Term 4.
WBS reserves the right to share parents email addresses with their class co-ordinator for end of year performance organisation. To aid choreography, ensure students are confident and enjoy the performing experience, parents who’s child is participating in the production must undertake that their child attends all classes and rehearsals in Term 4 unless sick. If a student misses more than two rehearsals they may loose their place in the show.

Undertake to attend classes regularly from Pre Primary upwards. Remember their uniform and uphold good classroom etiquette, treating other students and teachers with respect. From Primary Level upwards students MUST have their hair up in a tidy ballet bun if long, or off the face with a headband or similar if short. All gear (shoes, bags, drink bottles etc.) should be kept clear of the dance floor and under or on a chair.

As a courtesy WBS students may only attend private lessons, classes or summer schools externally with the studio Directors approval and prior knowledge.

This is provided in good faith. Please follow the clear instructions for buying and selling on the boxes. Funds from items donated to the studio and marked ‘WBS’ on the bag will be offered to supplement fees for students who’s family may appreciate the extra assistance.

Will be accepted throughout the year, except 2 weeks prior to exams and the end of year production. Please be aware that depending on their start date, new students may not be able to enter for exams or dance in the production. When new students enter the class it will continue to run at the current level and pace. Private lessons are available for students wishing to catch up to the level of the class.

Public holiday’s will be observed unless otherwise advised. Classes that fall on a public holiday may not be made up.

WBS reserves the right to amend the timetable and to change the venue of classes if necessary.

WBS asks that Parents/Caregivers and students treat all venues respectfully, by leaving NO rubbish if a bin is not available, not eating inside the studio when observing a class, leaving bathrooms tidy and remembering to take all belongings with you on departure.
Please remove soiled/sandy shoes before entering a venue, particularly when at Worser Bay LSC.
Lost property will be kept until the end of the current term and then donated to charity.
Due to the nature of hiring venues, classes may occasionally need to be rescheduled. All venues will give WBS as much notice as possible to allow parents/caregivers to be notified. WBS and the venue will make every effort to offer an alternative date for a make up class. Should this prove to be impossible the class will be forfeited.WBS will follow each venues procedures in the event of an emergency.

Our Alert Level 1&2 operating charts will be emailed to you should the need arise, you can find them now in your Parent Portal under the music icon titled ‘Shared Files’. WBS is committed to supporting our students learning at Level 3&4 in an online capacity via Zoom classes and/or Movitae.

Parents/Caregivers must fill out the online section on students medical background. Teachers should be informed of any student injury prior to the commencement of a class.
WBS makes every effort to ensure safe dance practice and students well-being. We take no responsibility for injuries incurred. Should an injury occur the student will be given first aid to the best of our ability and the Parents/Caregivers notified and referred to an appropriate professional.
All gear including buggies, bags, drink bottles shoes etc. must be kept off the dance floor.
If your child is unwell WBS would prefer them to stay home to rest and recover. A text or email message to notify the teacher of the students absence from Pre Primary upwards is appreciated.

WBS complies with the RAD and DANZ codes of Professional Dance Teaching Practice.